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Buy Washing Machine Online in Kenya at Best Price

Washing machines are appliances which are long term investment as such they require a serious consideration in terms of features and size. The best washing machines have an average life span of 10 to 15 years depending on usage and circumstances. Here are a few features that you should look at before buying online. Whether you wish to buy Samsung or a Von Hotpoint washing machine, Jumia’s guide for online shopping of washing machines can help you to choose the best washing machine for your needs.

Shop the Best Washing Machine for You!

Washing machines come in various types and sizes and making an intelligent choice can help you getting a long-term relief. There are two main types of washing machines that include the front-loading washing machines and top loading washing machines. Moreover, there are under-counter washing machine models and high-efficiency (HE) top loading washers with manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic models. Here are some of the features to look at before buying a washing machine.
  • Drum Size
The drum size in washing machines is defined in kilograms and gives you an idea of the amount of dry laundry that can fit in. For example, for routine home use, a washing machine with drum size of 6kgs would be a really good choice. The families with greater usage can go for washing machines with Ramtons 8kgs drum size. The washers with smaller drums are not recommended for people with greater washing needs.
  • Spin speed
Another important thing that plays a role in a washing machine’s performance is its spin speed. A washing machine with faster spin speed expels more water from the clothes as compared to the one with a slow speed. The spin speed is measured in rotation per minute (RPM). Faster spin speeds that are around 1400 RPMs to 1600 RPMs like for Samsung washing machines, ensure extraordinary washing results whereas those with a speed of 1100 RPMs are good performers
  • Energy Consumption
The latest models of Bruhm washing machines as well as from all other home appliances brands come with energy efficient motors that make them consume minimum electricity and make this world a better place to live in. The energy efficient washing machines not only reduce electricity bills but are also more reliable and stronger than the traditional ones.
  • Wash Modes
Different washing machines come with different wash modes. The wash mode needs to be changed every time you wash your clothes because different types of fabrics require different types of treatments. The more the wash modes, the better the washing machine on your clothes. Beko washing machines simply redefine the way laundry is done with its various was modes.

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