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If you are a makeup enthusiast, someone who loves to look really good with a number of different cosmetics, an eyeliner is one item that you always want to have. A good makeup has to do with every part of the face; the eyes, the lips, the cheeks. To look absolutely charming, one part of your eyes that you do not want to joke with are your eyes. Eyes which are well-groomed and made up can draw a lot of attention to your face. An eyeliner could be used along with an eyeshadow to give your eyes the most beautiful look ever. Or they could be used alone and still give you a stunning look nonetheless.

Types of Eyeliners

Eyeliners come in different kinds. The most popular is Kajal which was inspired by the Indian actress Kajal. Pencil eyeliners are relatively the most popular kinds and, in some cases, double as lip liners as well. They are a good bet if you are looking to having a smokey look. The peculiarities of these are that you need to regularly sharpen them or dull them to give you either a natural look or a smokey look. They are easy to use just like pencils and they do not run over or mess up your face.

Liquid eyeliners have become more popular and are a great choice especially when used with eyeshadow colors that match your face. The glossy look of liquid eyeliners makes it impossible for no attention to be drawn to your face when you use them. When applying them, ensure that your eyelids are looking down so that they do not smudge or run over. They usually come in a vial or in a marker brush.

On another hand, if you want to have a more dramatic look, you could opt for gel eyeliners instead. These type of eyeliners come with a brush as well as a pot that you could dab into to get your gel. You might also consider using an angled brush for the best effect. For dramatic and smokey eyes, they are a very good option.

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