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Eye Makeup Tips & Products

A woman’s eye passes a lot of message and if you are observant enough, you will be able to speak to her even without opening your mouth. The eye is a very important part of a woman’s body and we have the right eye beauty products to make it glow all day long. Highlight the windows to your soul. Thanks to the wonders of cosmetics, there are tons of ways to colour up your eyes. Find the best of eye makeup products at Jumia and we will deliver these tools that are nothing short of magic. Learn all the different ways to use them and you will rediscover the childlike fun of painting (on your face no less) while making yourself look enchanting in your adult world. We bring you a choice selection of eye shadows, eye pencils, lashes and other wonder-workers.

Beautiful eyes with Jumia make-up

Eyeliner is the single most important makeup tool of today. Find a modern range of eyeliners on our online shopping store that will help you dazzle. Liquid and gel liners allow you to create smoother, deeper black lines that will make your eyes appear larger. Elongate at the edge for that mode Egyptian look. If you prefer a little razzle dazzle on your nights out, go playful with nail rocks that sit above your eyelid. Choose from stars to topaz rocks among our eye makeup products from top brands like Maybelline, Sleek and Black Opal. Be sure to slide on some mascara onto your beautiful lashes to thicken and elongate them. Feeling flirty? Try some falsies to intensify your womanly powers as you bat those eyelids. Shopping for Women just got exciting and fun with Jumia-the online store that caters for you in every way. Check out our other fashion products and enjoy express service on delivery. With Jumia you get nothing but the best.