Generic S9 - 5.72" 18:9 - 512MB + 4GB - Android 6.0 - Black

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zx S9 black - 5.72
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Key Features
  • Model: s9
  • Platform: MTK6572 quad core 3G
  • Standby: dual card dual standby
  • Screen: 5.72
  • Memory: 512MB RAM + 4MB storage
  • Camera: 2 million pixels + 2.0MP
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Average Rating
Based on 22 ratings
It doesn't relate to what is inside the box, and even on advert their is a big misinformation  Read more  Hide
Boot Get
Good the battery is effecient  Read more  Hide
Verified Purchase
Got a below standard phone,has no relation with what i ordered..i feel like pulling out my hair
it had no relation with what i ordered  Read more  Hide
Melissa Johnson
I love it
The phone is good,though was buying for my mother but so far no complaint  Read more  Hide
Nanay Yates
You will like it
You will like it  Read more  Hide
kaile Ben
Long lasting battery and great it.  Read more  Hide
Tames Codvg
It a good phone has a good battery life  Read more  Hide
Verified Purchase
Below standard  Read more  Hide
Verified Purchase
some apps not working
the apps in the phone not working , says the device is rooted . do you have a technical support ?  Read more  Hide
Model: s9Platform: MTK6572 quad core 3GStandby: dual card dual standbyScreen: 5.72Speaker: 1511 Box SpeakerFrequency: GSM850 / 900/1800 / 1900MHzBattery: 1700mAh lithium-ion batteryMemory: 512MB RAM + 4GB storageMultimedia: MP3 / MP4 / 3GP / FM Radio / BluetoothCamera: 2 million pixels + 2.0MPVersatile: Wifi, GPS, Gravity Sensor, Alarm, Calendar, Calculator, VCR, VCR, WAP / MMS / GPRS, Image Viewer, eBook, World Clock, MissionColor: black, blue, local goldRunning memory: 512MBShape: Straight phoneMain screen size: double-sided curved screen 5.72 inchesBody memory: 16GBNetwork mode: dual card dual modeMemory card: support memory cardCamera pixels: 12 million - 199900System: Android OS6.0 system

Top 10 problems and solutions that mobile phones often encounter
Question 1: What happened to the phone?A smartphone is a fairly small computer. When a mobile phone is connected to the Internet, the RF circuit and the CPU operate at a high frequency, consume a large amount of power, and have a certain amount of heat (but the mobile phone has no special heat dissipation function). The device is like a computer).The heat is dissipated through the shell, so we feel very hot, which is normal. Try to avoid long conversations, watch videos, play games and play mobile phones while charging. It is recommended to use the headset when making a call.
Question 2: Will the phone be turned off in less than a period of time?1. There are more and more programs running in the background.2. The screen brightness is too high.3. Realize high energy consumption functions such as Bluetooth, GPS, WIFI and data connection.4. Always use your phone and keep high energy for a long time.solution:1. Turn off unused daemons, some of which are running in the background.2. Adjust the screen brightness appropriately. It is recommended to adjust the brightness automatically.

3. Turn off Bluetooth, GPS, WIFI and data connection when not in use.
Question 3: Why is the phone not charging?Cause: The phone is in standby for a long time and the battery is exhausted.solution:Charge for about 10 minutes and then confirm if it can be turned on. Some phones can try to hold down the power button for 30 seconds. After forcibly turning off the power, charge it for a while and then try to turn it on. Some mobile phones need to be charged for a period of time after the battery has been over-discharged, and can be turned on when the battery voltage reaches the startup voltage of the phone. However, to eliminate charger and data line problems, and eliminate the method, let customers use their own charger to try to charge.
Question 4: The touch screen does not work?The screen does not work when the phone is placed flat on the table or suddenly removed from the pocket. Since the mobile phone is a capacitive screen, there may be static interference on the surface of the screen, which may not be detected temporarily.Solution: Just press the power button to turn off the screen, clean the screen cleanliness, wait a while and then light up the screen to return to normal.
Question 5: Is the photo taken by the mobile phone blurred?1. The camera pixel setting is too low.2. The camera lens has dirt and protective film.Light problems, taking pictures at night is more blurred than during the day.4. The camera cannot form the focus point when the camera shakes or the photo moves.solution:1. Enter the camera settings and set the pixels to the highest.2. Wipe the camera lens with a lens cloth or use a cleaner that specifically cleans the lens.3. Turn on the flash at night.4. Keep steady when taking pictures, take pictures after finishing focusing.
Question 6: The phone crashes and cannot be powered off.1. Built-in battery hype: long press the switch button, automatically restart after 30 seconds.2. If an external battery is connected, open the back cover and pull out the battery, then turn it on again.
Question 7: The phone cannot read the SIM card and there is no signal on the Internet.1. Our mobile phone can only use mobile phones and China Unicom, and does not support telecom cards. Mobile Unicom is collectively referred to as 2g gsm and 3g wcdma. If the customer inserts a cdma telecom card, it will naturally not be readable.2. The card chip is scratched and oxidized without being inserted or inserted into the card slot. Turn off the power and try again.3. There is no signal on the Internet, you need to open the traffic settings in the settings function.
Question 8: The phone cannot read the TF card.1. The customer's tf card chip may be damaged or not inserted or inserted.2. Scratch with your fingers
Key Features
  • Model: s9
  • Platform: MTK6572 quad core 3G
  • Standby: dual card dual standby
  • Screen: 5.72
  • Memory: 512MB RAM + 4MB storage
  • Camera: 2 million pixels + 2.0MP
  • System: Android OS6.0 system
  • Battery 1800mAh lithium ion battery

What's in the Box
  • 1 * Charger
  • 1 * Headphones
  • 1 * USB cable
  • 1 * Gift box
Specifications of S9 - 5.72" 18:9 - 512MB + 4GB - Android 6.0 - Black
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