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Sanitary Towels Online; Buy Now

Sanitary towels are very important to every woman. Once a lady starts to see her period, one of the many lady needs is a constant supply of sanitary pads. There are so many being produced now and they are all of great quality, help to keep you from messing yourself up, and all the while, keeping you very comfortable. It is important to note that as a lady, you need to constantly change your pad to avoid getting bumps, rashes or infections in general. Proper disposal of sanitary pads is very important; remember not to leave your used pads lying around and do not flush down the toilet. Wrap in paper instead and throw in the trash bin.

Where to Buy Sanitary Towels Online in Kenya

On Jumia, you will find your preferred sanitary towels in large quantities and start to order away. Find pads from popular brands like Always, Newton’s, Ladycare and more. You can also get your tampons and panty liners. Find top products with a great fragrance and that will leave you feeling free. Find organic cotton pads and panty liners that help prevent bumps and infections. Order today and let us deliver to you, anywhere you want.