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Health, as they say, is wealth and with a regularly changing system of medical technology, life can only be so much better. Medical supplies and equipment include a large variety of supplement, items, accessories and more which have different functions and which are all very important. Medicine is one of the indispensable fields everywhere in the world, saving lives in different types of ways. Medical supplies and equipment are mostly used in the hospital to aid or facilitate treatment. However, there are certain kinds of medical equipment which can be used in the home and by the patient. It is very important to know, though, that medical items should not be used without the doctor’s prescription, order or permission.

On Jumia Kenya, you can find a large variety of medical equipment at the best prices, whether you are getting it for yourself or for your health centre or hospital. Our medical accessories and supplies are very much authentic and reliable whether you’re a patient or a doctor. Furthermore, we offer you the best options for payment all of which are convenient for you.