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A Guide To Wearing Belts For Men

Belts for men are one of the most necessary men's fashion accessories that all men need to have. They can give your dressing the final touch that you need to look smashing. They come in different types and colors. However, many men do not know how to style belts. This is important because how you wear your belt could affect your overall dressing and if not worn well, could make you look really awkward. So here’s a helpful list that gives you a guide to wearing men’s belts.

1. For formal dressings, shoes must always match belts. It is fashionably inappropriate to wear differing shoes and belts in the same dressing. As a rule, if you are wearing a black belt, then you should wear black shoes to match and if you are wearing a brown belt, then you should wear a pair of brown shoes. If you have a casual event you’re supposed to dress casually too, the rule doesn’t hold and you could wear a different casual belt on your casual shoes as long as they complement each other.

2. Depending on the occasion, put in mind that a skinny belt is more formal than a broad or wide belt. While you might like broad belts, ensure to stick to skinnier or slimmer ones when dressing up for a formal occasion or function.

3. Belts with large buckles should only be worn for casual purposes. You might look out of place to wear a large-buckled belt on a corporate shirt or suit.

4. If you’re at a loss for what kind of belt to buy, settle for leather ones as they last longer and look more classy and fashionable. You could also settle for one that is glossy to the feel.

5. While shopping for a new belt, the length matters. Usually, the reasonable number of inches for a good belt should be between one and one-and-a-half inches.

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