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Affordable Screen Protectors Online in Kenya

Everyone loves the screen look of a phone that is just unwrapped from the box. You tend to admire the screen and wish you could keep the screen that way for as long as you use the mobile phone. Well yes, there is a way you can actually protect and preserve the screen from scratches and cracks. You can buy screen protectors for your mobile devices, tablets, and other gadgets. The major advantage of the screen protector is that it protects your screen from unwanted scratches or cracks. We often tend to dislike our mobile phone screens when we see scratches and cracks. Some cracks go as far as affecting the screen touch of the phone thereby making it unresponsive or slow in responding to your touch.

Choosing the Best Screen Protector for your Smartphone

When you decide to buy screen protector online, there are several things you need to consider and also know the type of screen protector you going for. There are some screen protectors that gives your screen that full protection in the sense that when your phone falls on the floor, instead of your screen cracking or shattering, it is actually the screen protector that shatters or cracks. Many of us will like this type of screen protector, but it doesn’t mean other screen protectors can’t work in a similar fashion. Screen protectors vary in sizes. They are made mostly according to phone screen sizes. A majority of us might want to manage a screen protector that is not made for our phone model all because it fits. It is highly important to choose the screen protector that is specially made for your phone screen size and model. This way you will be assured that if anything incident happens that concerns your phone screen, then your mind can be at peace knowing you have given your phone that total screen protection. There are basically two types of screen protectors – plastic screen protector and tempered glass screen protector. Both screen protectors have their different perks. You should note that the tempered glass screen protector is higher in price than the plastic screen protector but doesn’t mean it is very expensive. The tempered glass doesn’t get scratched easily compared to the plastic screen protector. The tempered glass is not as thick as the plastic screen protector. It is also sturdier than the plastic screen protector. Also, you can decide whether you want the clear screen protector or the privacy screen protector. The clear feature of the screen protector differs from the privacy in the sense that, the privacy limits the viewing angle. When someone besides you tries to view your screen, it will appear blurry to them but it won’t be the same to the user.

Where to Buy Tempered Glass Screen Protectors in Kenya?

When you buy a quality screen protector, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to your screen because it is fully protected from scratches and cracks. It is better to spend on quality screen protectors than buying fake screen protectors that will get damaged easily and also still affect your phone screen. Getting a durable screen protector is easy. Jumia Kenya is the perfect online platform to shop for all kinds and types of screen protectors at affordable prices. Get yours today and have one less thing to worry about when it comes to your mobile devices, tablets, and gadgets screen.