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Vehicles, Trains and Remote Control Toys on Jumia Kenya.

What would you love your kids to play with when growing from the cradle? Well, developing the mental and locomotive skills of kids from the ages one upward is so important to their personal development and so, vehicles, trains, and remote control toys are the best for them.

By playing with vehicles, trains and remote control toys children learn the beep, beep sound made by cars and trains. The knowledge of this sounds draws kid attention to what cars and trains can sound like. These toys also help to develop the problem solving and motor skill abilities of children. Remote control toys teach the children how to problem solve by cause and effect - the effect by a push of a button or a pull of a string or a touch of a particular area of a toy causes a response or reaction. And with this effect that is being made possible, there might be a sound, ring or the flashing of lights that indicates the reaction or response. Toys also help the creative abilities of kids because they learn how to manipulate an object with the aid of their hands and memory.

With Vehicles, Trains, Airplane and Remote Control Toys from Jumia Kenya help your child to learn motor skills, mental skills, problem-solving skills, hand to eye coordination, pushing and crawling skills. Buy affordable Toys for your kids on Jumia Kenya.