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Quality Women's Maternity Wear

Pregnancy is exciting, but for some, it can be exhausting all in all the thrill for a new mother holding their bundle of joy keeps one going. To make motherhood and pregnancy exciting, Jumia Kenya has ensured that it has stocked fancy and trendy women's maternity wear that can be worn for all occasions.

The women's maternity wear comes in different styles, colours, material and even design. Some are casual while others can be worn to the office, we guarantee that whatever you need we have it.

Trendy women maternity wear on Jumia Kenya

Jumia Kenya has a wide range of women's maternity wear including trousers which feature elastic waistbands to make you more comfortable and accommodate your growing belly. Cotton tights and leggings; these are cool and trendy and can be worn throughout the pregnancy. They fit easily and allow unrestricted movement.

Others include women maternity skirts and dresses, if you are not into trousers and tights, our category offers a variety of skirts and dresses to choose from including long flowy skirts and fitted bodice dresses that are exciting to wear. Finally, there is the well-selected tops, jackets and bras category. The women maternity tops are made with side slits and buttons to accommodate the growing belly and some come in a length that goes below the hips which would go well with the maternity tights and leggings. The maternity bras come in sizes that fit comfortably and supports your growing breasts.

Shop for women maternity wear Online in Kenya

Shop for women maternity wear at Jumia Kenya. We have hundreds of women maternity wear, so finding the perfect one is simple. Choose from the best brands including TNG Fashions, Cudley's Maternity, Gianna, House of trends among others. Whatever kind of women's maternity wear you are looking for, rest assured that you will find it. Shop online for our complete collection of women maternity wear.