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Graphics cards are very critical for a computer because they basically impact what you see. Buy from Jumia Kenya different types of graphics cards with varying graphics and strengths, all. There are different types of graphics cards. Integrated graphics cards are built- in non-detachable cards. See if your computer allows for an upgraded card to be detected without any compatibility issues. This will be based on the computer’s settings. Other types include those that are plugged into the expansion slot of a computer.

How to Choose the Best Graphics Cards

  • Bandwidth

If you want to know how a graphics card works, have a look at its model number which exhibits a range of technical points. Another factor to consider is bandwidth which is likely to differ based on the card’s price and performance ranking.

  • Graphics Intensity and Memory

Looking for an ultimate gaming experience and enhanced performance? Choose from top-of- the-line brands of graphics cards such as VGA, EVGA, ATI, and others at Jumia Kenya at highly affordable prices.

Buy graphics cards of different capacities based on your consumption and usability and whether you are an avid gamer, a moderate one or a non-specific user. The NVIDIA 4GB graphic card has proven to be groundbreaking with its efficient energy use and novel software up gradations. It is a suitable card for high-end HD gaming.

  • Brand

Other brands of graphics cards include Sapphire, PCI, MSI that have been manufactured to display images in breathtaking quality, with varying memory features, clock speed and outstanding interface.

Although, the latest computers models already have the graphics strength which is demanded by a normal user, other high-end gamers would have to revamp the existing graphics cards on their computers to allow for a more intense video gaming experience.

Shop Conveniently Online for External Graphics Cards

Order now and benefit from free shipping and cash on delivery which is provided at your doorstep all over Kenya. Place your orders for graphics cards on a smooth mouse click and remain reassured of a secure payment option. There is good news for on-the-go shoppers as well. They can shop via a convenient, hassle-free, and compatible app which is nothing, but sheer convenience and accessibility the go.

You can compare the different aspects of purchase related to different types of graphics cards belonging to different brands with varying graphics strength, memory, bandwidth, performance ranking, robustness, durability and prices, and buy whichever is best suits your needs and budget.