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Get Computer Monitors Online in Kenya

While they mostly look like televisions, monitors are used to show pictures for computers. One of the best ways to describe a computer monitor is that it looks like a TV, but they perform different functions. Over the years the monitors have evolved in shape, size, and technology and most importantly in the displays. We’ve gone from monochrome screens with miniature sizes on huge devices, to smaller and thinner screens with amazing picture quality known.

When it comes to Monitors, there are many different versions and types available to choose from. Each one has its own features that you can select and find out. CRT monitors known fully as Cathode Ray Tube monitors and LCD monitors, fully known as Liquid Crystal Display monitors. When shopping for a monitor, it is important to know some of the features as well and they include screen size and monitor resolution, response time, refresh rate, connectivity, multimedia features, USB ports and speakers to list a few.

Shop Computer Monitors at Best Prices on Jumia

Touchscreen monitors are quite popular on Jumia Kenya. These are highly popular when it comes to home entertainment and gaming. You can easily swipe through photos, play games and even tap the tiles to start many apps. The best ones here are the edge to edge glass ones that let you have wide picture angles. This is considered to be the best gaming computer monitor there is for a large range of people.

Find the best prices for different kinds of monitors online in Kenya with ease today. You do not have to step out of your home to get the best of the very best. Find LED monitors, HDMI monitors and monitor accessories at amazing prices. Let us do the hard part for you by delivering right to your doorstep while you pay on delivery! Get the best of online shopping now when you shop on Jumia!