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Networking Devices

A networking router is a device that forwards data packets between computer networks, creating an overlay internetwork, it is connected to two or more data lines from different networks. When a data packet comes in one of the lines, the router reads the address information in the packet to determine its ultimate destination. Routers perform the "traffic directing" functions on the Internet.

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More sophisticated routers, such as enterprise routers, connect large business, modems or ISP networks up to the powerful core routers that forward data at high speed along the optical fibre lines of the Internet backbone. Though routers are typically dedicated hardware devices, use of software-based routers has grown increasingly common. CISCO TP-LINK and LINKSYS are top brands that produce these routers for both private and business purposes.

Computer Networking Cards

Internet connection within the house will soon become a basic need if it's not already a basic need in most households. A strong wireless connection in your office or business property or household is important to get connected with the rest of the world. At Jumia Kenya, we stock the latest router technology that allows you to connect to any number of devices that you desire.