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Advantages of HP Laptops

Computer users know that HP has some of the most reliable laptops in today’s market. You know you will get value for money. All products have great specs and can be used for different purposes. Depending on your needs, you may want to choose specific HP laptops for every situation. Whether you use your personal computer for music, movies, surfing or working, there is a device for you. You can buy online a HP notebook if you are looking for an affordably priced laptop and equally portable. If you are a university student, you can use your PC to record lessons and get your assignments done. If you love online work, you can use this laptop for blogging, article writing and other freelance work.

The HP Pavilion , for example, is one product that is guaranteed to meet all your expectations. Among other great features, this product comes with 500GB HDD, 4GB RAM and 2.40 GHz microprocessor speed. Most pavilion laptops have a LAN cable and this is a great option. Other models such as the Envy series or the Elitebook series are also known for their sleek design and good performances.

Devices for multitasking

The HP probook is highly recommended for business particularly ideal for heavy users. If you are looking for a gaming HP laptop, consider HP Elitebook. You can easily play games on your PC or install other games without encountering downtime. You can also of course watch movies and play music with these computers, most can handle heavy softwares like Photoshop very well, so they are also perfect for professionals. Business executives can use this product to store files and vital information. As you can see, these laptops are truly versatile.

Prices for the latest HP laptops in Kenya

If, you are looking for HP laptops price list in Kenya, we have you covered. Here at Jumia you’ll find the cost of buying the laptop notebooks in the country and also the specifications. In addition, the key specifications and features as well as an overview of the HP laptops are listed. Some of these HP laptops are on offer. So, the sale price might vary. Find a list of HP laptops and their prices listed here, with great deals and discounts.
  • HP 250 G6 - 15.6" - KSh. 26,999
  • HP Pavilion X360 - 13.3" - KSh. 45,999
  • HP 15bs098nia - 15.6" - KSh. 25,999
  • HP 14 - 14" - KSh. 26,999
  • HP Envy- x360 M6 - Ksh 81,500
  • HP Pavilion X360 - 13.3" - KSh. 49,999
  • HP 15-BS091NIA - 15.6" - KSh. 49,999
  • HP 15 - 15.6" - KSh. 29,999

  • You can buy HP laptops in Kenya at affordable prices in a wide variety of online shops & retail stores with most of them providing M-Pesa payment and free delivery anywhere in Kenya.